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Are you a professional looking for reliable and affordable professional liability insurance coverage? Are you looking for a free insurance quote? You are not alone. Each year, we protect hundreds of professionals from coast to coast. What prevents you from being among them? If you are interested in learning more about what we offer, on the right side of this page you will find a list of professions that we cover. From accountants to veterinarians, our coverage protects professionals from the financial loss associated with a lawsuit being filed against them.

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In the event of someone suing you, you will only be required to pay your deductible. Not only will we take care of your defense costs _ we will also provide you with an attorney and cover any settlement that might be ordered by the court. You will therefore be able to concentrate on working with your attorney to prove your innocence without having to worry about money

In the professional world, it's dangerous to think that it "only happens to other people". It is this very kind of thinking that lands people like you into deep financial troubles on a regular basis. The truth is that we are all humans we are all prone to making mistakes. Unfortunately, mistakes in the professional world can prove to be very expensive _ and sometimes they can even lead to bankruptcy.

Why wait until it's too late? By then you won't be able to turn back and wish that you had done things differently. Regardless of whether you are truly liable or not, the simple threat of being sued constantly looming over you should be a good enough incentive to buy this coverage. Because that's right _ a professional liability insurance policy covers you whether you are liable or not. We understand that people make mistakes and that's why don't discriminate against them.

We make the whole process professional liability insurance coverage easier than ever. What's more, the process starts with a free quote that comes with absolutely no obligation. All it takes is a few minutes of your time, and in exchange you receive a detailed quote that lets you know exactly why choosing us is the best decision.

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Whether you're a freelance contractor, business owner or full-time employee, at EasyCover Canada we offer easily accessible and affordable Professional Liability Insurance for a variety of industries and professions, including:

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