Short Course in Illiyin Studio for Student Skill Competition

Written by : imaniar hanifa in illiyin experience / October 17, 2016

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On October 2016, Illiyin Studio has a chance to give a short course to Probolinggo’s representation for Student’s Skill Competition. The short course was scheduled for three days and held in our studio. We welcome Andi, a student from Public Vocational High School 1 (SMK Negeri 1) Probolinggo, who is a representative of his school and his city for East Java Students Skill Competition.

From the first day, we know that the short course would be fun and enjoyable. Andi joined our daily meet up to introduce himself and shared his experience in city level Student Skill Competition. He planned to learn about Visual Basic with our member, Luqman, Beni, and Ibnu.

Andi and Faiz on Illiyin Morning Gathering

Andi learned about integrating Visual Basic with SQL Server, CRUD, email validation. He was also comprehending more about Visual Basic component such as datetime picker, and combobox. In this short course, he also learned to plan a project, creating ERD and wireframe. On the last day of the short course, he had a presentation about his project and got reviewed from Illiyin members.


Andi is a passionate, confident, and a friendly person. As a high school student, he is very open to suggestion. Andi also loves to learn new things. He feels happy to join us in Illiyin Studio and is very welcomed as we can improve our skill in programming, managing project, and training people. “People here are nice,” Andi said. “I gained new experience. I learned about project planning, what to do from the beginning of project development, and how to give presentation in front of judges.”

Both Andi and Illiyin Studio member had a good time in honing our skills together. Knowledge grows when it is shared. Education is special, because we can learn a lesson by teaching it to other people. We hope that Illiyin Studio can contribute more to students and education in the future.

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