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Cooperation between Illiyin Studio and Public Vocational High School 1 (SMK Negeri 1) Probolinggo still continues. SMK Negeri 1 Probolinggo invited us to attend the annual Curriculum Synchronization Meeting along with local industries in Probolinggo. As vocational high school, SMK Negeri 1 Probolinggo has several departments cooperate with specific field in industry. Therefore, the school

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On October 2016, Illiyin Studio has a chance to give a short course to Probolinggo’s representation for Student’s Skill Competition. The short course was scheduled for three days and held in our studio. We welcome Andi, a student from Public Vocational High School 1 (SMK Negeri 1) Probolinggo, who is a representative of his school

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Illiyin Studio Goes to Gili Labak

Written by : imaniar hanifa in illiyin trip / September 23, 2016

Having new place to explore brings big advantages for creative people. You’ll meet new people, hear different accent, feel new atmosphere, and engaged in a beautiful culture you don’t always see in your daily life. That’s the main reason Illiyin family decided to visit Gili Labak Island! Welcome to Madura Guys! Madura is a beautiful

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Illiyin Washed Away to Hawai!

Written by : imaniar hanifa in illiyin trip / August 29, 2016

You read the title right. Illiyin family went to Hawai and enjoyed being hit by the big wave. No, we were not taking a flight to Hawaii Island of the USA, but this one: Hawai, a waterpark in northern part of Malang, famous for having the biggest artificial tide in Indonesia. We love playing in

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It’s the beginning of a month and our traveling sense is tingling. Well, Illiyin members work hard, and enjoy life harder! The fasting month, Ramadan would come in less than a week, but we didn’t want to wait for another month to get some vacation. So then, we came up with sudden idea to go

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  Through years of building websites for businesses, we are at illiyin have developed a list of helpful guidelines that streamline the website creation process. Considering these 5 simple steps will help you visualise the full project cycle of building a website, and enable you to better plan your project.   1. DEFINE BUSINESS GOALS

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