Level Test for Software Engineering Students in Vocational High School 1 Probolinggo

Written by : ibnu shodiqin in illiyin collaboration illiyin experience / February 21, 2017

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At Saturday, November 25th, 2015, Vocational High School 1 Probolinggo held level test for student in Software Engineering Department. This event is was organized to test the students skill in developing web and desktop application.

“We held this event (Level Test) to determine the extent of students understanding about web and desktop materials which already given in class,” said Lina Priharyanti, S.Pd. Miss Lina, who is Head of Software Engineering Department also explained why this event is important for the teachers. “We need to find out our students knowledge level, so we can give better lecture in class. For students, this is the first step before they go to National Skills Competency Level Test.”

ILLIYIN Studio was invited by Vocational High School 1 Probolinggo as assessor team for Level Test. Schools consideration to choose ILLIYIN Studio is cooperation which previously established through short courses. ILLIYIN Studio choose 2 developer to become assessor for this event, Ibnu Shodiqin Suhaemy and Muhammad Luqman Hakim.

When the team arrived at the front gate of the school, the team assessor get warm welcome from school authorities. After that, the team get fast briefing about Level Test which carried out during the day. From the briefing, the team divided to two different classes which each person should test 19 students.

Level Test Review Vocational High School 1 Probolinggo

photo by teacher of Vocational High School 1 Probolinggo

Muhammad Luqman Hakim, one of the member assessor team, is giving question to one of the student.

We understand that the students of 11th grade in software engineering department who take this Level Test felt nervous and tense. At this grade, most of the students never experienced public speech. They never giving presentations in front of people other than their teacher. So, our team assessor tried to break the ice by introducing activity, and had casual talks about their daily life. The result was nice, some smiling face came from the students and the tense atmosphere come down.

The Presentation

The time duration for the test level is 15 minutes per student. Each student had 5 minutes to explain in short word about his work, either websites or Pascal based desktop application. The rest of given time is for Q&A session, and chance for students to give brief about their program and presentation.

“They already got the basic skill for developing software application either web-based or desktop application,” said Ibnu, one of assessor member from ILLIYIN Studio. “They used Bootstrap as CSS framework in their web application. And for desktop application they structured every function so the application can work very well.” Other assessor, Muhammad Luqman Hakim, agree with Ibnu’s opinion. He said that most of the students have high potential skill, which needs to be developed and polished more.

This events closed by photo session with teacher and all of the student from 11th grade, Software Engineering Department. This event also marked as the beginning of cooperation between schools and ILLIYIN Studio.


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