Illiyin Washed Away to Hawai!

Written by : imaniar hanifa in illiyin trip / August 29, 2016

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You read the title right. Illiyin family went to Hawai and enjoyed being hit by the big wave. No, we were not taking a flight to Hawaii Island of the USA, but this one:


Hawai, a waterpark in northern part of Malang, famous for having the biggest artificial tide in Indonesia.

We love playing in water! Especially Pujiari, our designer who constantly reminded us about our plan to go to Hawai. Thursday, 8 AM! Thursday, 8 AM! Haha, obviously he was very excited with this vacation!

On D-Day, we met on location at 10 AM. Don’t get us wrong, we need a lot of breakfast before spending time in water. It supposed to require plenty energy, correct?

Hawai is more than just waterpark, it has various pools, stream “river”, slides a.k.a water boom, outbound area, and yes, the tsunami pool, where we can get the experience of washed away by a big wave. We didn’t want to waste any more time and prepare ourselves. A few moments later, the announcer stated that the first tsunami of the day would begin shortly. We were rushing to the tsunami pool, “Waikiki Beach”, waiting in excitement. At twelve o’clock announcer shout loud to be ready and counted down… 3, 2, 1… the wave was coming in!


See that wave? This artificial wave could reach 2.5 meters in height! Lucky for us, we were in the middle front, so we could have the best experience. Have you ever been washed away by the big waves and got drifted by the current? It’s overwhelming! Just be careful if you have heart problem or easily fainted person, since you may get a little shocking experience. Don’t worry, there are professional guards ready in the area, floating vest, and other safety equipment. Couldn’t agree more it’s safe for any ages.

Full of excitement after trying the tsunami pool, we began to try another pool. Firstly, this fun pool with colorful slides and water tanks called “Water House”.


There are six slides there, but pfft, of course we chose the highest two. Not all of us dare enough to try the 12 meters high pink slide and 18 meters high yellow slide. Some of us had to yell really loud to make Faiz and Tofa to try it! But hey, they tried eventually, and these slides boosted our adrenaline. Proved by how we took small run to the Rainbow Fall where we then glided in high speed, simultaneously from six colorful slides, right from 23 meters high. Woohooo!

All the adrenaline rush and we decided to take another shot in tsunami pool. Yes, we know Waikiki Beach is really addictive. Being hit by the wave –but completely safe and fun- is very exciting! Short after the wave at 2 PM ends, we decided to take a little rest by swimming in Akaolu Pool. Then two hours later, we hurried back to the tsunami pool (again!) to meet the third tsunami of the day. Did I mention that Waikiki Beach is really addictive?

Getting washed away by the big waves three times a day was surely makes us tired. We had the relaxing trip round Hawai using tube in Waimea Stream River and tried the flying fox game in outbound park. Unfortunately we had zero pictures here since we don’t have outdoor or waterproof camera. Ifa brought one, but it seemed like she forgot to charge the battery, duh!


Nevertheless, easy to say we had good times there and forget our busy weeks for a while. Want to come with us?

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