Illiyin Trip to BeeJay Bakau Resort Probolinggo

Written by : imaniar hanifa in illiyin trip / February 8, 2017

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Last Illiyin trip was already months ago! We were really enthusiastic with Illiyin 2.0 plan and had more projects to handle. We need to grab fresher air, so we need to adjust our trip with tight projects’ schedule. Luckily for us, Public Vocational High School (SMKN) 1 Probolinggo invited us to be the examinator for Level Test, so we can take half a day trip in Probolinggo. The famous name of BeeJay Bakau Resort in Probolinggo attracts us to visit the five hectares mangrove forest. It is also known for the beautiful sunset view and the Paris-like Love Lock. Ooh, who doesn’t curious to see that?

After having meal, we began to discover BeeJay Bakau Resort (BJBR) from the northern area, the mangrove and the quay. Here we met the unique mosque of BJBR. It is more than beautiful; the mosque is designed to look like a sail ship in the end of wooden dock with the perfect scenery of sky and sea.

beejay bakau resort mosque

What about the Love Lock? Yes, we got to see it too, although none of us brought our soulmate to enjoy the romantic air there. No need to be sad, we were here to spend the afternoon enjoying the scenery in BeeJay Bakau Resort and know the benefit of mangrove conservation for our land. BeeJay Bakau Resort also provides nice places to stay, beach houses theme with good facilities if you need it.

illiyin trip to beejay bakau resort

When the sun goes down, we decided to enjoy the beach part of BeeJay Bakau Resort. This part has more entertainment facilities such as beach volleyball field, water play, and cafetaria. We took some drinks in café and played billiard. The chill vibes in the cafetaria is also supported by accoustic live music.


At night, we went to Lumajang to stay in one of our member’s house. Tired by the long day and heavy rain, we came by to taste the local culinary, Bakso Super. Warm soup and yummy meatball is perfect menu to end the day.

We headed to Malang on the next day. Actually, our plan was to visit some waterfalls in Lumajang, but it would be very late to reach Malang so we only visit Piket Nol. Piket Nol is a rest area in the Malang-Lumajang Route which has interesting view of southern part of Java from the altitude. It is also famous for Gladak Perak Bridge, a bridge which through Besuk Sat River. The weather was not really good but we took pictures there anyway.


See, even in a brief moment between our busy days, we still can having fun. Remember to enjoy each days and put your heart on every thing you do to stay happy. Cheers!

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