Illiyin Trip: Summer Vacation to Madura

Written by : imaniar hanifa in illiyin trip life at illiyin / December 21, 2017

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After our Madura Trip awhile ago, Illiyin member had great chance to spend another vacation in Madura. Known as the land where the sun shines very bright, we believe that summer vacation would be best spent there. Luckily, one of our members is from Pamekasan, Madura. We were able to stay for two nights in his house and visit two beautiful places in Madura: Gili Genting and Bukit Jaddih.

Gili Genting

Illiyin trip to Madura Pantai Sembilan Gili Genting 1

Gili Genting is popular for Nine Beach, and we need to travel by the sea to meet this beautiful island. We needed to go to closest port to Pamekasan, Port Tanjung Saronggi. Located in Sumenep, it took about one hour from Pamekasan to reach Port Tanjung, Saronggi. From this port, we took a boat to Gili Genting. The sea trip took another hour until arrived on Gili Genting Island.

Illiyin trip to Madura Pantai Sembilan Gili Genting 2

Nine Beach is beautiful and clean. The name “Nine Beach” comes from the shape of the shore which creates number 9 pattern. Nine Beach  has clean facilities for tourist and provides many water games such as Banana Boat. Although can’t go snorkeling, we had exciting day in Gili Genting!

Illiyin trip to Madura Pantai Sembilan Gili Genting 3

By the afternoon, we took a boat home and watch the majestic scenery of sunset. A cruise ship from Europe moored near the island adds scenic beauty of our sea trip.

Bukit Jaddih

At the next day, we chose to visit Bukit Jaddih. This place also famous by the name of White Hill or Chalk Hill (Bukit Kapur). Bukit Jaddih was a mining hill, and the remaining creates small lake with bluish-green look of water. Unique and beautiful, isn’t it? Bukit Jaddih is located in Bangkalan, the western part of Madura. Bangkalan is the region where one of the end of Suramadu Bridge laid, connecting Java Island and Madura Island. So this place quite easy to reach if you come from Surabaya.

Illiyin trip to Madura Bukit Jaddih 1

This ex-mining hill also have swimming pool. As swimming is our most favorite hobby, we spent the afternoon playing water under the shimmering sun and warm weather.

Illiyin trip to Madura Bukit Jaddih

Although it’s not our first time visiting Madura, this island never failed to bring happiness in our heart!

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