Illiyin Studio Goes to Gili Labak

Written by : imaniar hanifa in illiyin trip / September 23, 2016

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Having new place to explore brings big advantages for creative people. You’ll meet new people, hear different accent, feel new atmosphere, and engaged in a beautiful culture you don’t always see in your daily life. That’s the main reason Illiyin family decided to visit Gili Labak Island!


Welcome to Madura Guys!

Madura is a beautiful yet less popular than other exotic island. It has several exciting tourism destinations to choose, and we decided to feel the joy of Gili Labak, Sumenep. We’ll need 7-8 hours to reach Sumenep and 2 more hours to reach Gili Labak across the sea. Long trip enough, isn’t it?

Long trip leads to hungry tummies. To add that, it’s never a complete journey to a new place if you haven’t taste the local culinary. So we stop for a get a delicious lunch at Bebek Sinjay, one of the best culinary in Madura –or we have to say, in East Java! The classic, savory dish of ducks and fresh vegetables definitely satisfies us.


For Illiyin family, enjoying our lunch together is one of our ways to strengthen our bond. Not only when we’re inside our office, but when we’re hanging out together or having a trip. We talk about so many things, share our opinion, and get to know each other better while enjoying a nice meal.


Welcome to Gili Labak Island! Gili Labak is a beautiful paradise you’ll always want to see: white sands, clear water, sunny weather, and warm people. And this gem is still here, in East Java, Indonesia! If the picture above already makes your heart fall in love for Gili Labak, then check this out.


The underwater scenery is beyond amazing! Get your snorkeling equipment and meet these clown fishes in their preserved coral reefs. We also saw another underwater biodiversity here. Pretty sure Gili Labak is one of the most beautiful place in Indonesia.

Snorkeling time Guys!


Meet Maulidi, our graphic designer and our designated tour guide during our trip to Gili Labak Island. He is the only member in our Studio from Madura. Thank you, Di… thanks for bringing us to Gili Labak and show us the amazing underwater scenery there.


If you’re seeking for a place to raise your spirits, or to make unforgettable memories for you to save in your cabinet of memories, then this is the best place! This paradise in northeast of Madura island is one place where you can say hello to Nemo and his family. Really! You will might even forget how comfortable your bed in your home if you come to visit this serene place.

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