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Written by : dimas virdana in illiyin trip / April 25, 2016

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Finally, our long-awaited vacation time was here. After those busy months we were working on our projects, we decided to take a day off for vacation. Aand… we had chosen Bolu-bolu Beach as destination for our trip, it’s located on southern side of Malang, East Java. Actually besides Bolu-bolu beach as our main destination, we would be visiting Lenggoksono beach, Kletek’an bay, and Banyu Anjlok beach respectively.


Take us to the beach, baby!

Take us to the beach, baby!


We planned to set out at 06.00 AM, but at last our members came at rendezvous later than the appointment time. So, finally we go at 07.30 AM with this Innova. Unfortunately one of our members, Ibnu, couldn’t tag along. He caught a bad flu. Get well soon, nu!

Normally the trip to Lenggoksono beach would take for about 2 hours by car, so we had prepared “the most important thing” for our journey there, snacks and music.


Hello Nature!

Hello Nature!


Being away from the city and enjoying the fresh air is so relaxing. Yes, sometimes we need a green view like this, not only it’s good for our health but alsoto remind us that we should keep our nature green for the sake of the future generations.

We started on Lenggoksono beach before we sail to other beaches on a fishing boat. Here we need to hire a tour guide and rent some snorkel gears (without the fins though).





1. Kletek’an Bay


kletek'an bay, snorkling at bolu bolu beach



kletek'an bay, snorkling at bolu bolu beach

Beautiful blue water



2. Bolu – Bolu Beach



The solitude of Bolu-bolu beach


keep smile

Keep smile 😀



3. Banyu Anjlok Beach



Ahoy matey! Land ho!



It’s a waterfall… It’s a beach … No It’s a waterfall beach!




Don’t let them fool you. The water is actually pretty shallow

Beach please, we all need Vitamin Sea!

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