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Written by : imaniar hanifa in illiyin trip / June 10, 2016

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It’s the beginning of a month and our traveling sense is tingling. Well, Illiyin members work hard, and enjoy life harder! The fasting month, Ramadan would come in less than a week, but we didn’t want to wait for another month to get some vacation. So then, we came up with sudden idea to go camping. Sounds adventurous, doesn’t it? Where could we find a hiking destination which is close enough to Malang but refreshing much? We put our decision to Panderman, a mountain in Batu, Malang.

Within a day, we manage to prepare the camping equipment. Panderman has been famous for being the favorite hiking destination, and it’s pretty safe for beginners or even people who love hiking with not many experiences. Unfortunately, half of Illiyin family couldn’t join this adventurous trip for personal reasons. Don’t worry, we’ll have another trip after Ied! Our friends were interested to join the trip then we had 10 persons in our hiking group. We started the trip after our working hour finished.

We arrived at a village in the foothill of Panderman on 7 PM. After doing prayer, we began to walk to the starting point to buy tickets. The officer told us that we need approximately 2-3 hours to reach the hilltop, Puncak Basundara. We were not in, so we only planned to get to the top before 2 AM.




Unfortunately, one of our hiking members, Nukleon decided to postpone his hiking halfway before the first point. His health wasn’t ready for hiking a hill at night, and he would meet us tomorrow. We continued without him that night and reach Latar Ombo, the first point at 9 PM. There were already many camps there, since Watu Ombo is a camping ground for the hikers. We didn’t take much break at this point and continue to the second point, Watu Gede.


Hiking in the night gave us an unforgettable experience! Far away from light pollution in the city, we could see the clear sky and uncountable stars above us. It’s a new moon phase and we could easily see Mars and Jupiter shined brightly. We had few rests during the hiking. We also had some warm coffee and snacks at Watu Gede before draining our energy to reach the tophill because it’s already midnight and we didn’t want to have lack of sleep, right?


Mud and trees, wind and wildlings, we finally reach Puncak Basundara at 01.17. We were exhausted, but the wind bit our bones. We decided to share tasks, half of us prepare the tents, half prepare the food. When you’re content, you can sleep well, true? We understand the saying, and went to sleep after finishing our meal.


Good Morning!

What is the best thing you can enjoy while camping at the mountain? The sunrise! I had beautiful scenery of sun rising, with Mt. Arjuno and Mt. Semeru standing tall.



Panderman is also a habitat for monkeys. Don’t give them food! These wild animals can harm you for food, or steal your things. Not to mention the king (rulers of the monkeys) was big enough to harm a human.

A monkey chills out under a warm sun
Little buddy
No, these are not monkeys.

A good moment always leave good memories, and a life lesson. When we stand at the top of the mountain, people below looks so small to us. But people below can’t see us either. What would we be arrogant for?



The hiking is about a process. Enjoy the process, and the result will be satisfying!

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