Skills Competence Test in SMK Negeri 12 Malang

Written by : ibnu shodiqin in life at illiyin / April 17, 2016

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On Sunday, Februari 22th, 2016, ILLIYIN STUDIO have a change to visit SMK Negeri 12 Malang, which is located on Pahlawan St., Balearjosari, Blimbing, Malang. The mission in order to fulfill the invitation of the vocational high school to become as an examiner of Skills Competency Test in Department of Software Engineering. This test implemented for a full day with the agenda are presentation of the students that show his work in web-based application and review from the examiner.

40 students from two classes participated in this test which used to benchmark and assessment of competence in the field of software development, especially web-based application. The test held in the classroom and Department of Software Engineering Laboratory with 20 students in each room. In each class there is one examiner from ILLIYIN STUDIO and one teacher from Department of Software Engineering SMK Negeri 12 Malang.

“We want our students thoroughly tested both in developing product and presenting in front of other people so we choose ILLIYIN STUDIO to test it”, said Ariefianita Widjayanti, one of productive subject teacher in SMK Negeri 12 Malang. Furthermore, the school has provided certificates for students who have been successful with a value above minimum completeness criteria. This is to give encouragement to students also provision when students want to continue study in college or applying a job.


At the end of the test, all students gathered in the laboratory for test review and listening some advice from ILLIYIN STUDIO developer about using Twitter Bootstrap as CSS framework. This material was chosen because at this time, Twitter Bootstrap has been a CSS framework that is widely used by programmers to adjust the layout and style of the HTML components. Students were very enthusiastic with this presentation because it provides new knowledgein the developing of web-based applications. This is proven by the number of students who copying the tutorial material. “This is a new science for our students, because all this time students are just learn about basic CSS code instead of using the framework.” Said Rizky, one of the teacher from SMK Negeri 12 Malang who participated as examiner.


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