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After our Madura Trip awhile ago, Illiyin member had great chance to spend another vacation in Madura. Known as the land where the sun shines very bright, we believe that summer vacation would be best spent there. Luckily, one of our members is from Pamekasan, Madura. We were able to stay for two nights in his house and visit two beautiful

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On Sunday, Februari 22th, 2016, ILLIYIN STUDIO have a change to visit SMK Negeri 12 Malang, which is located on Pahlawan St., Balearjosari, Blimbing, Malang. The mission in order to fulfill the invitation of the vocational high school to become as an examiner of Skills Competency Test in Department of Software Engineering. This test implemented for a full

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‘Programmer’, sounds like a cool job in this era of technology. It often comes with a funny quote “I’m a programmer, I have no life”. There are many assumptions saying that programmer can be a depressing job. Is that true? Are you a programmer? or maybe you have programmer friends? What do you think about

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