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Living in Malang gives people chance to visit loads of tourism attraction. Beaches, waterfalls, mountains, recreational park… You name it. Whether it’s for family trip, colleagues trip, or solo trip, Malang is one of the best city for tourism. That’s why we love to have our basecamp in Malang. We have countless options of destination

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After our Madura Trip awhile ago, Illiyin member had great chance to spend another vacation in Madura. Known as the land where the sun shines very bright, we believe that summer vacation would be best spent there. Luckily, one of our members is from Pamekasan, Madura. We were able to stay for two nights in his house and visit two beautiful

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Earlier this year, we had a chance to spend a day to Bali. Quite short time when we think about it, but who said we can’t have some fun? Illiyin team visited beach, plateau, city in Bali, all in just one day! Driving at night from Malang and reached Banyuwangi at the morning, we were

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Last Illiyin trip was already months ago! We were really enthusiastic with Illiyin 2.0 plan and had more projects to handle. We need to grab fresher air, so we need to adjust our trip with tight projects’ schedule. Luckily for us, Public Vocational High School (SMKN) 1 Probolinggo invited us to be the examinator for

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Illiyin Studio Goes to Gili Labak

Written by : imaniar hanifa in illiyin trip / September 23, 2016

Having new place to explore brings big advantages for creative people. You’ll meet new people, hear different accent, feel new atmosphere, and engaged in a beautiful culture you don’t always see in your daily life. That’s the main reason Illiyin family decided to visit Gili Labak Island! Welcome to Madura Guys! Madura is a beautiful

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Illiyin Washed Away to Hawai!

Written by : imaniar hanifa in illiyin trip / August 29, 2016

You read the title right. Illiyin family went to Hawai and enjoyed being hit by the big wave. No, we were not taking a flight to Hawaii Island of the USA, but this one: Hawai, a waterpark in northern part of Malang, famous for having the biggest artificial tide in Indonesia. We love playing in

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