Illiyin Trip: Beach Camping in Banyu Meneng

Written by : imaniar hanifa in illiyin trip / May 14, 2018

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Living in Malang gives people chance to visit loads of tourism attraction. Beaches, waterfalls, mountains, recreational park… You name it. Whether it’s for family trip, colleagues trip, or solo trip, Malang is one of the best city for tourism.

That’s why we love to have our basecamp in Malang. We have countless options of destination for Illiyin Trip.

On our latest Illiyin Trip, we vote to go camping at Banyu Meneng Beach. It is located in Bantur, the same neighborhood with another popular beaches: Kondang Merak, Ngantub, and Selok.

We don’t have to pay extra to visit Ngantub and Selok as it is just a walk away from Banyu Meneng Beach. Well, who doesn’t love a tourism attraction that is wallet-friendly?

Building Tents is A Team Work Too!

Illiyin Camp Fire in Banyu Meneng Beach

We arrived to the Banyu Meneng beach at evening and started to build our camps. To make it feels more “outdoor”, we also built a fire camp where we grilled fish for dinner!

This activity created better bonds for all Illiyin members. We developed our team work better in the most fun way. Building tents requires team work. Dinner is cooked together, we decided who should clean the fish, who will make the seasoning, who to cook the rice, and who can grill the fish.

After a happy dinner made by ourselves, we went to sleep. We don’t want to miss the sunrise tomorrow. Banyu Meneng beach is one of the best place to see the sunrise!

Illiyin Trip Sunrise in Banyu Meneng Beach

Joyful Beach

In the morning, we enjoy our vacation more. Banyu Meneng beach literally means “a calm water”, so everyone can play in the water safely. The water is shallow in the morning. We could walk easily on the beach while seeing the sands below clear water.

We also swam to a small rock island near Ngantub beach. It’s pretty place to play in the water. But remember, when the water is rising due to current changing, you’d better not going near them.

Illiyin Trip in Banyu Meneng Beach

Just a walk away from our campsite, we could reach Selok beach. Selok beach has brighter, smoother sands, but the tide is less friendly than Banyu Meneng. For safety reason, we didn’t swim in this beach.

We have a joyful day at the beaches! By the afternoon, we packed up things and went back to our base camp. On our return trip, we had a beautiful sunset in Dempok Lake.

Illiyin Trip Sunset Banyu Meneng Beach

It’s a complete, captivating vacation for all of our members! With stronger bonds and better understanding within every member, we are ready to become greater team.

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