Alumni Gathering Day in SMK Negeri 4 Malang

Written by : ibnu shodiqin in illiyin collaboration / December 11, 2017

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A piece of letter from SMK Negeri 4 Malang came to Illiyin Studio last July. The letter contained an invitation for Illiyin Studio to attend “Teaching Alumni” gathering at the Vocational High School. They would love to invite us to “Teaching Alumni” since most of Illiyin members are former students of the school.

Mr Wadib Su’udi as principal of school stated, “This meeting is a celebration for the 79th anniversary of Malang 4th vocational high school. We hope this meeting will give benefits to all of the participants, and most importantly the students”.

We had prepared some sort of things needed for the meeting. Our CTO, Ibnu and Back-End Developer, Beni would become our representative for the event. For IT Department students, we delivered “Basic Requirements to be a Web Programmer” and shared the latest trend of website development technology as our main topic.

Illiyin Alumni Meeting at SMK 4 Malang

The “Teaching Alumni” meeting started with opening speeches from the event head committee, alumni chairman, and the school’s principal. Mr. Wadib Su’udi also expressed his gratitude to the alumni for their attendance.

After the opening, we moved to school field to round up with fellow alumni and the students. The alumni come from many field of business: printing media manager, apparel company owner, lecturer, product designer, software house CEO, animator, and many more.

The school has great number of graduates since it is one of the biggest vocational high school focusing in IT, Multimedia, Animation and Printing in Malang. Meeting with fellow alumni gives us impression that SMK Negeri 4 Malang has graduated so many successful people. At the same time, meeting with current students of the school made us believe that they will have even more promising future.


The next event is class meeting with the students. Alumni were divided into groups and would give speeches to students in class corresponded to their field. We were welcomed to enter Software Engineering class, which still has the room where we used to study!

SMK Bisa

Our team delivered speech about “SMK Bisa”, a national motto for Vocational High School. Moreover, the motto which means “(student of) Vocational High School can do it” brings value that students have the ability to develop and hone their skill in specific fields of study. The “SMK Bisa” speech would inspire student to use their skill and competencies after graduated to become employee of industries. Or even bigger dream: open new business and be the entrepreneur themselves. Without reducing the equality between vocational high school and regular high school, the graduated student will also have chance to continue their study to college or university. The Software Engineering students were excited. They gave questions and asked for suggestion regarding their future after graduation. Whether it’s college education they better choose, or about current IT jobs requirement.

Illiyin speec at alumni day SMK 4 Malang

“We think this is an important material for our junior to know. We hope that we can help by giving our junior motivation and directions to achieve what they have dreamed of,” said Beni, our back-end developer when giving speech to the students.

At the end of event, the alumni gathered back in the hall to have lunch and closing speech from principal. We were feeling pleased to give our time and support to our junior and alma mater. Attending this event brought back our memory when we were students of the school. We saw a lot of improvement in the school, both in building and facilities. The development make us impressed we feel honored to be part of the school. Hope SMK Negeri 4 Malang can develop and innovate more.

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