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Written by : imaniar hanifa in web development / February 1, 2018

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learning programming for free


In this era, everyone can learn programming. You don’t have to be a geek to understand programming, whether you are student, entrepreneur, freelancer, or marketer. You can even learn programming without any charge online. But with so many e-learning sites, which are the best to pick? Here we recommend 7 places to learn programming for free:


1. Codecademy

This site has millions of users all around the world. Codecademy teach you the basics of programming language and framework. This site is also good choice if you have prior coding experience and want to learn new technologies.

2. Udemy

Udemy doesn’t only give you online courses; it is a marketplace where everyone can share and sell their own courses. You can find tons of coding courses, from basic to master-level. There are plenty of video tutorials to help you learn programming better.

3. Udacity

If you’re looking for online course platform that only focuses on programming, data science, and engineering then Udacity is best for you. Udacity’s goal is to prepare you to be a professional in tech-related fields. Besides free courses, Udacity offers Nanodegree Programs: compact curriculums designed to get you job-ready.

4. edX

edX was founded by MIT and Harvard University in 2012. It provides you college-level courses from top universities, so you know you’ll be able to learn cutting-edge technology in the right place. The courses are available without charge. If you want to go deeper in programming, edX also provides Certificate Programs.

5. Egghead.io

Want to focus in Javascript programming? Take a look at Egghead.io! There are many courses that are provided free of charge. This site also categorize their content well: framework, libraries, languages, tools, and platform. Learning Javascript becomes easier with this site.

6. Packtpub

Learn programming is no longer a nightmare when you can pick the right resource. Do you enjoy reading an e-book rather than watching videos? Packtpub also offers free e-books to download. You can download their daily choice of free e-book, or just pick from their permanently free collections.

7. Freecodecamp

The name says it all: a fee website to learn coding. Freecodecamp uses gaming experience in their tutorial, put you into challenges to learn and doing test. It also has study group where you can share knowledge with other people from your city.


Now you have the best, free of charge resource you need to start learning programming. What are you waiting for? We recommend you to start learning programming, no matter who you are today.

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