5 Joys And Sorrows Of A Programmer

Written by : luqman hakim in life at illiyin / April 10, 2016

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‘Programmer’, sounds like a cool job in this era of technology. It often comes with a funny quote “I’m a programmer, I have no life”. There are many assumptions saying that programmer can be a depressing job. Is that true? Are you a programmer? or maybe you have programmer friends? What do you think about life of a programmer?


Let’s start from the cons of being a programmer :


Must Keep Up-to-date on Current Technologies

A good programmer needs to keep his mind open to new technologies. These days, it’s not enough for a programmer only to know how to code, you will soon need to learn how to see on your client’s perspective when you’re dealing with clients who know close to nothing about programming or technical skills, so you can understand about what your client really wants. Furthermore, there are lots of free plugins and libraries we can use to help us developing programs or apps on the internet, more reasons for programmers to update their knowledge.


Low Salary


Programmers in Indonesia have relatively low salary compared to other countries. But even with the small salary, it still considered sufficient to cover the cost of living in Indonesia. Something that we’ve been grateful for will give more satisfaction.


Often Pressured and Stressful


Programmers are often pressured to deliver the software they are currently developing quickly. More likely you will have a sleepless night when your client abruptly calling you and constantly nagging you to have the program finished by tomorrow morning. And do you know what the number one major problem faced by most programmers is? It’s when your friends or family asked you the infamous question “Can you fix my computer?”


And here are some pros of being a programmer:


I’m Proud to be a Programmer


Why? Simply because it’s not easy to be a programmer. It takes special skills and a strong will. Good programmers can enjoy themselves building code to solve any program-related problems, an achievement that not everyone owned it.



Programmers often well-liked by most people because they are smart (they can build a computer programs from lines of code) and more likely won’t do violent crime because they don’t have the time to think about it. They are too busy thinking about how they will craft their codes for the program.

Those are some joys and hardships of being a programmer. Some of us may’ve experienced the same, some of us may haven’t. But hey! We’re humans, and humans do make mistakes. But it’s our responsibility to learn from it and do better in the future. We’re in Illiyin are currently passionate to learn together to be a cool programmers. Share the joy and overcome the hardship.

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